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What size table should I get?
Size Number of People Tablecloth
36 Round Seats up to 4 People 90 Round
48 Round Seats 6 People Comfortably 108 Round
60 Round Seats 8 People Comfortably 118 Round
72 Round Seats 10 People Comfortably 132 Round
6' Long 6 People (3 to each side) 60 x 120 (won't touch floor)
90 x 132 (goes to floor)
8' Long 8 People (4 to each side) 60 x 120 (won't touch floor)
90 x 156 (goes to floor)

What are the delivery charges?
Delivery charges start at $65.00 plus tax for the local delivery area. Extra charges apply for setup and breakdown unless noted on the price list.

Do I have to wash the tablecloths after we use them?
The rental price includes laundering and pressing. Just shake them out and put them in the laundry bags we provided. We'll take it from there. Note, you are held responsible for linens returned with excessive amounts of food, stains, etc. (see question "What am I Responsible For" for more information.)